Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Prior to Calltracks our CEO & Founding Partner, Stuart Buckley, was running a privatised registration plate company called “Create Your Plate”.

Spending thousands of pounds each week, in a variety of publications, Stuart became frustrated – he didn’t know which adverts were delivering the most calls or more importantly, which publications delivered the profitable calls – high quality leads that become paying customers.

Unable to find a product in the marketplace, Stuart set about recruiting developers to help him build a solution to understand their calls.

Save on Marketing Costs

Soon after launching the first version as an internal tool the company was quickly able to see how they could save over 40% of their marketing costs! It was only a matter of time before customers and suppliers were asking if they too could also use the software – Calltracks Ltd was born!

With a firm idea of what was needed, programmers were hired from some of the largest investment banks in the world and so Calltracks was born.

After two hard years of development and rigorous testing it was time to go live with Citygate Automotive, GetMeIn and the Times Education Supplement among the first clients.

  • Our senior technical team

    Linus – Chief Technical Officer

    Self taught computer engineer with over 15 years of experience in systems and network engineering, infrastructure and security. Linus was brought in as a shareholder and partner of Calltracks in 2008, leaving the position as global IT manager at Iris Financial Solutions.

    Tineke – Technical Architect

    Tineke has a first class honours degree in computing and mathematical sciences from University of Waikato, New Zealand, and has worked in software development since graduating in 1998. As a senior engineer, she has experience with taking on sole responsibility for development of business critical systems at large organisations including Goldman Sachs. Brought in as a shareholder and part-time developer in 2007, Tineke left a position in algorithmic trading at HSBC to work full time for Calltracks in late 2008.