Why use Calltracks

Why use Calltracks?

Having initially been designed from the client side our philosophy for Calltracks has always been to make it easy and affordable to understand your phone calls and the sales they generate.

  • Understand your sales

    Many tools and systems try to focus on solely the ‘conversion’ elements – what sources; adverts or keywords make the phone ring. At Calltracks we believe the real key is automatically identifying the outcome of those ‘conversions’ to see whether your phone calls end up becoming sales and allowing you to report on the transactions and the associated revenue / profit – right down to keyword and visitor level.

    By optimising your marketing activity for profit, and not just for ‘conversion’, you can truly start to improve your return.

  • Suitable for all businesses

    As well as being developed from the ground up for [Sales Linking], the Calltracks system has also been designed to cater for hierarchical structures to enable call tracking capabilities for small-medium businesses right through to global enterprises.

    for small-medium businesses right through to global enterprises

    With a variety of access levels and functionality and the ability to give any user information specifically relevant to them, the software enables stakeholders at all levels to benefit from Calltracks – from receptionist through to CEO.

    Each user can have a dashboard displaying KPIs relevant to them. All reports are quickly and easily exportable and Calltracks can produce any custom reports you require to give you the data you want in the format you want it. These reports can also be automated to land in your inbox at a time that suits you.

  • Innovative Development

    Our development is driven by continuous research to help our customers achieve their objectives and deliver results. We actively seek feedback from key customers and immerse ourselves in the digital community to bring you the very best analytical products available – including technology that compliments your Calltracks package. We don’t confine you to our interface and can integrate with a myriad of 3rd party systems including your web analytics, A/B testing software and business intelligence tools.

    At Calltracks we continue to lead the way in innovation and customer focus to help you achieve your business objectives.

    If you want to maximise your Return on Investment – you need a solution that helps you understand where to focus your efforts. This is just one of the benefits of choosing a Calltracks package.