4 Key Marketing Aspects to Assess from Call Tracking Data

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One you have phone call tracking established, and data is coming in thick and fast from your marketing campaigns, it is important to assess and act on the information.


Your call tracking software should be linking phone calls to sales, as well as identifying keywords which drove the caller to a website, and show with clarity which pages a caller viewed before, during, and after a call is made.


The whole purpose of call tracking is to improve return on investment, and by utilising the following aspects, you will be able to do this.



Key aspect 1 – Return on investment from marketing campaigns


Once return on investment from marketing campaigns is established, it is clear which campaigns make money and which do not.  This provides marketers with a choice to modify an underperforming campaign, or cut it.  Should the latter be chosen the budget allocated for the cut campaign can be channelled into campaigns which work.


Key aspect 2 – Modifying marketing campaigns to achieve full potential


Performing marketing campaigns can be put under further scrutiny by determining which keywords, PPC ads, social media marketing channels together with offline marketing, are contributing positively to a specific campaign and which are not.


Once this is known, the underperformers can be axed or changed.  Caution is advised however, as the click through rate should be taken into account as well as the phone call, as one keyword may be a good driver of keywords while another could be a good driver of phone calls.


Key aspect 3 – Care when cutting keywords


Phone calls from keywords tend to come from organic search results or PPC advertising.  If your analytic software can integrate with Google Analytics or similar program, to make calls and advertising click through data clearer, so much the better.  As stated above, ensure keywords are not cut for underperformance if they perform for a phone call or click through but not the other.


Key aspect 4 – Taking a hard look at the product range


Once you can see which web pages callers are looking at before, during, and after a call is made to a business, and you have ascertained which marketing channels are working, the next step is to take a look at the product range.


A product or service description page maybe receiving lots of visits but not the product or service it is still not selling.  Subsequently, it is important an assessment is carried out on the product or service which is not selling to try and determine a reason for its lack of sales.


This could be because of the sales copy, sales teams do not understand the product or service and do not really know how to sell it, or it has become outmoded.


As a starting point, compare the copy and structure of the web page for a similar product, and see if there are any differences you feel are putting people off buying the product in the first instance.



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