Best ways to improve conversion rates

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When it comes to marketing it’s easy to become obsessed with figures, largely due to the new number of ways to monitor just about everything we do.


We are all keen to see how many new followers we’ve got on Twitter, how many new likes or friends on Facebook and how many more people are visiting our website.


But there’s no point increasing any of these numbers if they don’t result in more business – the important thing is how you convert the interest into whatever you are chasing, whether it’s sales, signups, visits or registrations.


When you can get a user to ‘convert’ they become more than just a user, they take the first steps to becoming a customer. If they purchase then obviously they already are but if you can get them to register or signup then you now have important information on them, which you can use going forward.


According to research, on average retail companies enjoy an average of a 2-3% conversion rate which means that for every 100 people who visit their website only two or three take their interest any further.


Using this information if you can double the number of visitors on your website then the number of conversions will therefore also double but it can take a lot of work to increase the numbers. A better use of time and budget could be working on improving the conversion rates of those already visiting the site.


Ask yourself a question – Why are 97/98 of visitors not taking their interest further?


Best ways to improve conversion rates


Improve your calls to action

This could have a dramatic effect on conversion rates as users feel more compelled to “get it now”, “sign up now” or “buy now and get 10% off”.


Create a sense of urgency

Make users feel like they have to act quickly to get a deal.


Make sure calls to action are visible

They should be obvious and stand out from the rest of the site. Don’t just put them in the editorial; create buttons, banners and adverts to catch the users eye.


Keep things simple

Once you have captured attentions make sure, signups, sales or registrations are simple. Keep questions and processes to a minimum so you don’t put people off.


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