Call Tracking and Big Data

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Despite Mayan predictions 2012 did not see the end of the world.  What it did bring about was the rise of a buzzword, big data.  The feeling among many marketers is that learning how to manipulate big data will present a big challenge in 2013.  If this is achieved however, it will provide a wealth of marketing information which can transform big data analysis into big profit increases.


However to use the data to increase your profits you have to be able to configure the data you have.  The problems marketers face has been nicely highlighted in a recent post on e-consultancy, which discusses making big data, small.  Handling Big Data

As with all digital analytics it is a good idea to know what demographic you are trying to isolate.  If for instance you are trying to see your offline conversions from a specific marketing campaign, then you should configure your conversion reporting to this end, and draw on as much of your data as possible.  This will give you the most accurate report you can mine from your data.

Once you have the report in front of you, you should be able to determine if changes are needed to the marketing campaign to improve conversions and sales.  This is because successful and not so successful elements of the campaign will be clear.  With a little data manipulation, it can be easy to see what areas of the marketing campaign need changing.

Without access to big data you would not have been able to isolate the important demographics.  As a result, areas of the marketing campaign which need attention would not have been discovered.

This is why big data has become one of the buzzwords of last year.

Call Tracking and Big Data

If you use our call tracking services you will have been able to access marketing information generated by phone calls from online and offline sources.  Providing you are using a web analytic application, you now have access to big data.  All of your marketing channels can be identified, and you can see which marketing channels and which of its aspects, are leading to sales.

So for example from one PPC campaign you can see which keywords are leading to sales.  It will also be possible to see if phone numbers contained within the campaign are leading to sales as well.  This can be integrated with Google Analytics, so all sales and visitor movements while visiting your site can be tracked.

The flip side to this wealth of data is of course handling it, but it is possible and worth the effort as a true and clear picture of all your marketing including cost per sale and ROI will become apparent.

This is one of the reasons we offer support for configuring reports and handling big data for our clients.  Please get in touch to learn more.

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