Calltracks Limited to Speak at the Internet World Exhibition

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Leading UK and international call tracking company, Calltracks Limited, are to speak at the Internet World Exhibition.  The exhibition is held at London’s Earl’s Court between the 23 – 25th of April.


London, UK:  Calltracks Limited, a pioneer and leading supplier of national and international call tracking solutions, are to speak at the forth coming Internet World Exhibition.

The aim of the talk is to allow Calltracks to bring their areas of expertise to a wide audience.  The 10,000 attendees who will be comprised of digital marketers, cloud and hosting companies, content marketers, mobile computing businesses, and social media and SEO specialists, will hear Calltracks speak about their solutions to measuring ROI from phone calls, keywords, SEO, and PPC marketing campaigns.

“It’s all about discovering your cost per sale and return on investment from your marketing,” said Stuart Buckley, CEO of Calltracks.  “We have developed some clever ways of measuring analytics, but for my money the obvious one, how many units does this keyword sell, or what items are sold via this pay per click campaign, have never really been explored.

“It’s why our phone call tracking solution, has been designed to fit into the sales process of any business.  Should the phone ring, not only will the online or offline source become visible, but we can tell you if that call led to a sale.  If a keyword was involved at any stage of the process, we can tell you what the keyword was.   PPC campaigns, phone numbers can all be linked to sales.  It’s that simple.

“Internet World Exbo is a hot date in anyone’s calendar, and that is why we have chosen to be there.”

Internet World Exhibition has been running for over twenty years and is frequently attended by some of the hottest names in the digital world.  Over ten thousand people will attend the event and be greeted by exhibitors who work online.  The three days also features workshops, seminars, and events.

To get involved in the exhibition you can visit the site, or follow them on twitter @iw_expo.  To learn more about call tracking, you can speak to Calltracks Limited at the event, but if you can’t make it, why not learn more about PPC call tracking by visiting

About Calltracks Limited

Calltracks began in 2004 and was the brainchild of founder and CEO Stuart Buckley.  Since then the company has pioneered phone call tracking solutions to business.   They are the only call tracking services provider to offer global call tracking, and can link keywords, PPC and SEO campaigns, and phone calls directly to sales.


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