Common mistakes in PPC campaigns

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As with Facebook and Twitter marketing many people are jumping into pay per click (PPC) marketing without really planning their campaign.

Just because the concept seems simple the same amount of time, effort and planning should be put into campaigns on line as you do those for tv, radio and print otherwise they won’t be successful.

When it’s coming to selecting the words and phrases to use as your adwords make sure you do your research!

It’s easy to pick the words that you think people are searching but it’s important to know exactly what they are looking at. There’s no point bidding on lawnmowers if people search lawn mowers, or rose bushes if people are just looking for roses.

There are ways to avoid the problem though – by using the different match types.

Exact Match: Triggers any online adverts that contain just the exact phrase “rose bush” is queried.

Phrase Match: Brings up adverts that include the exact phrase “rose bush” and any words or phrases that surround it such as “red rose bushes” or “rose bush london.”

Broad Match: Displays adverts for a very broad range of keywords, including loose matched such as “red roses”

The wider the range the more click throughs you are likely to receive, but the number that are specific and likely to result in sales will be less.

For example if you do sell rose bushes and chose broad match, people clicking through who searched red roses are more likely to want a bouquet than a bush – therefore reducing the likelihood of receiving a sale – but you are still paying for the click.

This is where the negative keywords option comes into its own.

You can choose when your ad doesn’t appear. So using the analogy we have so far you can opt to make sure your advert doesn’t appear when someone searches red roses to cut down on the pay per click costs.

In our next blog we look at more common mistakes.

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