Google Analytic App Gallery Features Calltracks Limited Call Tracking Software

December 30, 2012 2:04 pm Published by Comments Off on Google Analytic App Gallery Features Calltracks Limited Call Tracking Software

Leading supplier of phone call tracking services Calltracks Limited, are now featured in Google’s Google Analytics Application Gallery under the phone call tracking section.  When Calltracks’ call tracking software integrates with Google Analytics, it can show ‘big data’ and true ROI for businesses of every size.

Northampton, UK:  Google Analytic Application Gallery features third party software programs which can integrate with the web analytic tool.  The addition of Calltracks Limited call tracking software tool will be welcome news to businesses which run PPC campaigns, or take phone calls from customers and clients.

Unlike many call tracking products, Calltracks Ltd call tracking systems can operate in over 64 countries, and it can accurately link your phone calls to sales.

This feature is much sought after by business running a pay – per – click campaign such as Google Ads.  This is because as soon as a caller clicks on the ad, their path through the website is recorded to the nth degree.  This includes whether or not the phone call led to a sale.

To become featured on Google Apps, a business has to satisfy a strict criterion and explain how the application integrates with Google Analytics.

Through integrating with Google Analytics, it becomes possible for marketers, business owners, managers, SEO agencies, and website owners to view all of their marketing channels in one place.

This not only allows you to see ‘big data’ for the first time including ROI, but triggers such as Goals and Events can be established for phone calls in the same way as click throughs.  This level of reporting can also be applied to A/B testing, so identifying the perfect landing page for phone calls is possible.

In addition, keywords which led the caller to phone and click on your ad are also revealed.

“We are very pleased to be featured on Google Analytics phone call tracking app gallery,” said Stuart Buckley, CEO of Calltracks.  “It gives us a chance to show that our software can work as a stand alone package or integrate with the giant of the web analytic world.

“We feel when combined with the usual data Google Analytic shows, our software will make it possible for our clients to see ‘big data’, true ROI, and work towards smarter bidding for their Adword campaigns.”

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