Google still remain the leading search engine

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has long been the Holy Grail for businesses, with some spending hundreds of thousands of pounds paying specialists to help them get their website top of the search engine rankings.


The latest figures from Experian Hitwise won’t be happy reading for a lot of firms though as they reveal that the number of visits to the major search engines has decreased by a huge 100 million since July.


Their figures also showed that visits are down 40 million since August last year.


Despite the initial headline Google’s figures for August are only down 0.02% on the previous month but could it be the start of a growing trend?


Google still remain the leading search engine with a 90.94% share of searches in August 2012, compared to 3.91% from Microsoft, 2.77% from Yahoo and 1.95% from Ask.


The decrease has been put down, by many, to the fact Apple has severed ties with Google on their new iOS6 operating system.


Google maps are now no longer installed on handsets and the previous YouTube built-in apps are also a thing of the past.


With smart phones and tablets now accounting for more internet access than ever before businesses will be looking for other ways to get their brand and message out there.


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