How Dynamic Numbers Improve Your Marketing

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Dynamic phone numbers are used by more and more industries to identify the marketing channels which drive phone calls.  This information provides you with key information to make your marketing more efficient and effective.

How Phone Call Tracking Works

Regardless of whether you’ve launched a television campaign or simply have a few numbers on billboards or in phone directories, the phone numbers can be tracked quite easily by phone call tracking software.

The source of the phone call is pinpointed, as the number is cross referenced with its location.  It can also record whether a product is purchased from which number and what that product is.  This way you can tell if the marketing channel is profitable.  And you can work out your return on investment and cost per sale.

One of our clients recently axed their Directory Enquiries spend because they determined it was not making enough money to justify their annual expenditure.  This became apparent after they implemented call tracking software.

This standard or static phone number tracking illuminates marketing channel success which has often been elusive in the past.

How Dynamic Phone Number Tracking Works

Dynamic phone number tracking takes this concept further.  Here the phone number changes so individual numbers can be tracked by the call tracking system.  This enables your individual visitor interactions with your site to become visible.  Like static phone number tracking, the system can link their interactions with sales.

And that’s not all.  You can also see other important aspects about your marketing campaigns.

Such as:

  • Keyword

This includes organic or paid search channels, and which keyword sells products and which products they are.

  • Social Media

Putting dynamic phone numbers in your social media account will tell you which social media site generated that call.  Like pay per click campaigns, you can assign dynamic number tracking to a ad campaigns within social media accounts.  Such as Facebook ads.

  • Pay Per Click Campaigns

PPC campaigns come alive when they are assigned a dynamic number.  The campaign which is driving phone calls to your site becomes visible, as does interactions of the caller with your site.  Again, this can be linked to sales, and by using conventional testing needed for effective PPC management, you will find better results will be achieved faster when you support your PPC campaign with dynamic numbers.

  • SEO

SEO campaigns can also be assigned dynamic numbers giving full visibility on the sales process as outlined above, including the most profitable keywords and products sold.

Your Business

Through using dynamic numbers with your marketing, you will be in a position to cut underperforming marketing channels, and invest in the ones which produce results.  This will increase your profit and cut your costs.

You will also have a good idea of where your market is, and you’ll be able to optimise your marketing faster by using call tracking software.

In short dynamic phone numbers will make your business more profitable, more engaged with your market, and make your marketing as effective as it can be.

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