Target Tablets for Better PPC Conversion Rates and Revenue

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According to a new report by Kenshoo, tablets are second only to desktop computing in terms of conversion rates and revenue generated last year.

In 2012, Tablets accounted for almost twenty percent of UK paid search clicks.  Smartphones managed a mere 13%.

In addition, in terms of conversions and revenue tablets generated 18.31% and 21.27% respectively. This makes them second only to desktop computers.

In terms of average spend; tablets actually got the better of desktops.  £88.84 was spent on average via a tablet, while a desktop only managed £73.78.

Tablets are clearly becoming a device which simply cannot be overlooked in a PPC and marketing campaign.  Due to their sleek appearance, tablets are popular with women who arguably enjoy shopping in all of its forms more than men.

When you factor in convenience – tablets can be browsed anywhere in the home, and the fact the ads are bigger than on a smartphone, it becomes clearer to why they are rapidly becoming the best friend to PPC marketers.

And though everyone has a phone, more and more people are using a tablet computer for web browsing.

To take advantage of tablet click through and conversion rates, it is a good idea to target mobile devices as part of your PPC campaign.  This not only is good PPC management, but if you use phone call tracking, you can gain access to a wealth of data which can help you improve your marketing accuracy, tracks your phone calls, and link calls, keywords and PPC campaigns to sales.

If you are still not convinced about targeting mobile devices as well as desktops, Affiliate Window reported iPad conversion rates were higher than desktop computers in August last year.  iPad conversion rates were 3.82% while desktop conversion rates were 1.9%.

If you would like to learn more about phone call tracking and how it, like a tablet can boost your marketing campaign, contact us today.


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