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The decision to sponsor Brighton SEO was an easy one to make.  We had wanted to sponsor a prestigious SEO related event for some time, and few UK based SEO events are as popular or as well thought of as this one.


The event is attended by some of the biggest names in the UK SEO industry, largely thanks to its comprehensive workshops, knowledgeable guest speakers, and hospitality.


We are one of the pioneers of the call tracking industry, and released our first call tracking analytic software in 2004.  Over the years we have learned it is not enough to bring customers to your website: you have to learn how your customers interact with your site.  This is why we developed a way of linking keywords and phone calls to sales.


We believe SEO campaigns of the future will utilise call tracking to its full potential.  Some SEO companies have already realised the benefits of call tracking, and now offer their clients a more comprehensive and accurate SEO service, as they can identify the keywords, ads, and other online sources that generate phone calls to their clients’ businesses.


For some of your clients, now and in the future, knowing which keywords and PPC ads are driving phone calls to their business is more valuable than knowing which keywords are driving click throughs, as the phone call lead is often considered easier to convert to a hard sale.  The phone caller is considered a more serious prospect than the online form completer.


In the past, ROI assessment has been hazy, with only the click through lead being recorded in conventional analytic software.  Phone call traffic could only be gauged on figures alone with little or unreliable knowledge on the visitor, the site pages they looked at, or the marketing channel which led them to call in the first place.  Call tracking addresses these issues by providing the last piece of the puzzle: Phone call tracking analytics.


Identifying the marketing channels driving phone calls however is not the end of the journey, but rather the beginning.  It is only through analysing the big picture by including sales information, that a true picture of return on investment can be realised.  It is only with the ROI figure can the true success of a website can be gauged.


Expanding this concept, we have developed tools to measure every aspect of ROI, and have developed software to measure output and sales pitch quality among sales staff.  They have been designed to work in conjunction with our analytic software which can integrate with Google Analytics.


We believe with call tracking analytics and conventional web analytics integrated to provide a true picture of marketing success and ROI, a new era in website promotion has arrived, which will change the approach of all marketers, including SEO specialists, forever.


If you want to learn more about how call tracking can significantly increase your marketing ROI, give you powerful insights into your sales lead channels, and improve the performance of your sales personnel (or just pick our brains on how it works and what information it can provide) please come and see us at the conference.  Alternatively, please visit our website to learn more.

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