Calltracks Academy: Lesson 2

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Calltracks Academy:  Lesson 2

How to improve call handling and conversion.


Most dealerships will be seeing about a 20% conversion of leads to buyers.  If conversion can be increased by just 2% that delivers a 10% uplift in sales.   If overhead and costs remain the same then the increase goes straight to profit.  So why is there such a focus on driving more traffic and yet more enquiries?  Surely it is much more sensible to plug some of the holes in your sales funnel and do a better job converting the traffic you already have?

It really is not rocket science!

If a customer (or potential customer) has bothered to call your dealership then you know they want something and that it’s important to them.  If you also know that the customer has been on your website for a while and looking at the finance pages plus a range of cars.  If they are on an ex-demo page when they make the call it’s probably a fair assumption that they are interested in buying that car.   

So, why is it that only 1 in 4 or the phone calls into dealerships get answered properly?  About half of all calls either do not get answered or the customer does not get called back.  There are about 25% of calls that do get through but the potential customer is given inaccurate or poor information.   Not all customers bother to call back again and again.

While customers use your website to find the data about stock availability and prices, they will pick up the phone at the stage when they have serious intent to purchase.  This is a critical stage when you can either win or lose the customer.

The 5 obvious lessons

I almost feel embarrassed making these points but I see (and hear) too many dealerships that a not getting these basics right.  

  1. Answer the phone
  2. Look at what calls go where
  3. Review the right calls
  4. Monitor the outbound and the inbound
  5. Use analytics

1 Answer the phone

Too many calls get lost, fumbled or dropped.  Customers can end up listening to recorded sales messages rather than get an answer to a simple question that could lead directly to a sale.  Returned calls are not currently treated as a priority.  You are 100 times more likely to convert a lead if you speak to them within 3 minutes of their enquiry – so don’t waste time.  And don’t waste money either.  Marketing has invested a lot of money to make the phone ring – please just speak to your customers quickly.

2 Look at what calls go where

There are various ways to get customers to get through to the right person first time.  Don’t route all calls through switchboard and create a bottle-neck.   Service and parts calls can route directly to those teams.  Use the separate department numbers if you have them.  Track all your numbers and don’t just dump all the enquiries into virtual ‘buckets’.  Track the leads from the source and make sure the most valuable calls get the best experience.

3 Review the right calls

If time is precious just listen to the most important calls.  Make sure you listen to the right calls from the right places – focus on the ones that are most valuable.  If you are focusing on new-car sales you might want to listen to the calls from carwow or the manufacturer’s website.  If used stock is most important then listen to the calls that have come from Auto Trader and the other classified hubs. You should be able to just get the recordings that are most important. Listen to those first and then review the others in priority order.

4 Monitor the outbound and the inbound calls

It is not just about the quality of the call but the efficiency too.

If you do not get back to prospects quickly they will move on to another dealership or consider another make/model.  Measure calls going out as well as calls coming in.  Check that the team make the prospecting calls they say they are making.  Be up-front and use the information to coach and help improve the team.  If you use it as a stick they will just stop using the system so you won’t get any data.

5 Use analytics

The Calltracks system will bring your analytics to life.  See exactly what advert makes the phone ring.  Instantly be on the same page as your customers and know exactly what they are looking at.  Flag the new users, align enquiries from known customers within your DMS, and pinpoint the lost, fumbled or dropped leads before it’s too late.  Missed new enquiries can be flagged, even those where the customer did not get through.  We’ll give you a second chance to sell to the customer before the lead is dead.   

It’s not magic, but it makes a big difference

Call tracking is designed to help you get the best return out of your current digital investment. Only Calltracks provide a complete bespoke service developed for the automotive industry.  We do a lot of the work to get things integrated and live for you.  We work with your team and deal with any issues if they occur.  We also provide ongoing training to make sure you get the most out of the system.
Please speak to the team now, on the phone of course.   We look forward to speaking to you.

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