Call Tracking

Understand where your calls are coming from


You can use tracking numbers on any form of advertising from direct mail and brochures through to your website where you can track each individual visitor and the keyword they used to search for you.

By default, web analytics software can’t track customers that visit your site and then pick up the phone, so your reports may not be an accurate reflection of your performance. This could force you to base decisions off incomplete data.

With Visitor Level Tracking from Calltracks you are able to fill this gap – seeing exactly what drives your customers to pick up the phone alongside other conversion metrics such as form fills, events and e-commerce transactions. This allows you to make more informed decisions.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Paid Search and Retargetting (such as Google Adwords)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Traffic
  • Reffering Websites

Visitor Level Tracking will enable you to report on all digital marketing channels that drive calls from you or your client(s) website.

  • Medium (e.g. PPC)
  • Keyword (and match type)
  • Page(s) viewed (before, during and after the call)
  • Plus much more…

As well as being able to report by source (e.g. Google) you can also drill-down the above features.

Visitor Level Tracking

Visitor level tracking even captures the multiple touch points and visits that combine to make up just one visitors total interaction with your website or web properties over a period of time.


You no longer need to isolate landing pages for particular campaigns to track the full impact they have which allows you to further understand how your different channels such as SEO, PPC and retargeting work together. This Calltracks system even lets see how your customers refine their search queries through the sales cycle and attributes on more than simply a last-click model.


The Call Tracking software comes with a variety of default reports and includes the ability to produce completely customised ones as well, showing you the data you want in the way you want it.

With Calltracks you can feed your phone calls into your Google Analytics, and even set them up as goals


Furthermore, Calltracks data can be integrated with many 3rd party software applications, for example Google Analytics, so you can see how phone calls compliment ‘online’ conversions such as form fills, ecommerce transactions, and other custom events.


Based on the results from Calltracks you can adjust your budget, reducing spend on channels and keywords that are costing money but not converting and reinvest into those that are.

  • See our full table of Features vs Benefits

    Features Benefits
    Track Visitors not just Keywords By being able to see how visitors interact over a period of time you can see how certain channels (e.g. paid) impact other channels (e.g. organic) to allow you to use your budget in the most effective areas
    Track all your offline advertising Easily create tracking numbers to display on all your offline adverts so you can report holistically on your performance, or break down by media type, advert or custom fields
    Call Recording Listen to how effectively calls are being handled and identify training gaps
    Call Tagging and Critiquing Tag calls, add notes and score calls for more detailed reporting on call quality or call outcome
    Missed Opportunities Get notified if you miss a call, allowing you to see who called and get back in touch
    Sales Linking* – let Calltracks automatically process your CRM Data Enhance your reports on what source, medium or keywords deliver calls that convert to sales, and what the associated value is (see Sales Linking for more Info). Now you can optimise campaigns for profit and not just for conversion
    Quick and Easy Install Once code inserted the software handles everything automatically without affecting appearance or functionality of website
    User-Friendly Reporting Alongside standard reports you can also run manual reports on the data you want to see in the format you want to see it
    Customisable Dashboard Add your popular reports to your dashboard to easily visualise performance – specific to each user
    Scalable Hierarchical structure and permission levels allow different stakeholders at different levels to benefit from data relevant specific to them
    Export to CSV All data is exportable to CSV, direct from the interface or set-up a scheduled email
    Analytics Integration Analyse calls alongside other conversion metrics and see how phone calls complete your existing reports
    3rd Party Integration Call data can be integrated into A/B testing software or Business Intelligence tools to compliment your other data
    Fully Functional API* Access the data Calltracks capture to use in your own program and enrich other data sources or feed the information into your CRM system for a complete picture of your customers in one place
    International call tracking in over 70 countries worldwide Compare results of multi-national campaigns side-by-side or serve local numbers to different locals to boost conversion rates

    *Additional modules required

  • How it works

    Tracking numbers that Calltracks provide you will ‘forward’ calls to your existing landline or mobile. Whether creating a new number for an advertisement through the user friendly interface, or installing the code on your website for Visitor Level Tracking, you can pick whatever type of number you want to use from 0800 freephone to local geographic.

    As the software ‘forwards’ calls this means it will not affect your existing phone system or any hardware you have in place. Calltracks is also cloud based so you can access the system and reports from anywhere and you do not need to invest in additional systems.

    With visitor level tracking there is no manual process apart from the initial set-up. The Visitor Level Tracking works by inserting a small snippet of JavaScript on your website, similar to other analytics code.

    Once you have added the code to your website each destination phone number you want tracked becomes a “Dynamic Number” and the software will automatically change this number so each visitor sees a slightly different variation of it. As the software then knows which number was served to a specific visitor the associated web data, such as the keyword the visitor used, can be linked to a phone call. The quantity of tracking numbers you will require to sit in the background to allow your Dynamic Number to function correctly depend on your traffic volumes but Calltracks are able to cater for all sizes of business.

    Calltracks also place a cookie on each visitor which allows you to track their interaction with your website before, during and after the phone call. Even though they may not call on the first visit to your website, if they come back later you get to see the whole journey and associated history where applicable.