Additional Features

Call Recording

Call Tracking Phone Call Recording Example

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The system will allow you to monitor your calls and make sure that they are handled correctly, you can also ensure your team are asking the right questions by listening to the whole conversation and not just the caller or receiver. This will be a great advantage when looking to identify training gaps, measure performance and monitor customer complaints.

The call recording requires no additional expenditure or equipment and you can even download a copy of the recording to store locally as an MP3 file.

Outbound Call Tracking & Prospecting

To help monitor staff proactivity and see which members of your team are making the outbound calls you can use the Outbound Tracking and Prospecting Module.

Similar to the standard call tracking for inbound calls you report from the same user-interface, and you can even see if your team is successful in getting through to your customers or clients and listen to their calls.


Furthermore if you want your team to follow-up a particular list of customers, for example hot prospects, or a set of data that you have just emailed, there is also the facility to upload this to the interface. Calltracks will then allow you to report on your team’s progress through this list and see if extra resources are going to be required to complete the task.

To enhance your data, if you opt for the [Sales Linking], you can even report automatically on the outcome of these calls including what sales were made and the associated revenue or profit generated. Sales reports can be broken down by campaign, or even by team member.

  • Call Tagging & Critiquing

    When listening to call recordings to monitor performance you will have the facility to score the call quality within your interface. The criteria you score against are completely customisable and you have the facility to load different sets of questions.

    Call-CritiquingImproved customer satisfactionBusinesses that use call critiquing for their inbound and outbound conversations often typically see the following benefits:

    1. Faster response times (reduced ring duration)
    2. Higher quality motivated staff
    3. Increased sales conversions
  • Missed Opportunities

    When we analysed a sample of 800,000 calls across a selection of our customers we found that 9% went unanswered. Furthermore, on average, only 43% of callers will call back if their first call wasn’t answered.

    With Missed Opportunities you can set-up users within your company to be notified by email when you miss a call. When the users login to view who the missed call was from, our software will automatically remove any callers from the list who have tried to call back and successfuly spoken to one of your team.

    Missed Calls requiring follow-up

    This helps stop you dealing with the same callers twice, and if actioned promptly can prevent your potential customers from turning to one of your competitors instead.

    Once a Missed Opportunity has been actioned by a member of your team this is logged in a report and the caller is removed from the list.

  • API Access

    To help you enrich other data sources and your own programs, Calltracks have developed a fully functional API. The API can be used for you to pull data, for example, into a data visualisation program to combine with other sources, or it can be used to help automate tracking number set-up and provisioning.