Call Tracking for Marketing

Call Tracking for Marketing

Marketing are focused on generating the most cost-effective leads that convert into buyers.  This includes managing the website journey and providing the right calls to action to encourage customers to engage with the business.   The focus is online capture, engagement, and activation. Marketeers need accurate and reliable data to pinpoint which channels and keywords drive the profit, and which do not.   

Marketing Features

–        Pinpoint the channels and keywords driving the most valuable traffic.

–        Increase marketing effectiveness by reallocating funds into the channels that drive the buyers.

        Increase sales from the same marketing investment.

–        Attribute real sales value at a campaign, channel and key words level.

–        Ensure media partnerships and agencies are delivering what they promise.

–        Track user website journeys and identify problems.

–        Support ongoing A and B testing to improve UI.

–        See what interactions are generating the phone enquiries.

–        Integrate call intelligence with your existing management systems.

–        Automatic integration with google.   Includes attribution data.

        Remove the guesswork, and make decisions based upon fact.