Call Tracking for Operations

Call Tracking for Operations

At Calltracks we really understand the different needs of marketing and operations teams.

Operational teams focus on what happens when the phone rings in your business.  They make sure that all customer sales calls are efficiently and effectively handled.  That’s all the inbound calls and outbound calls too, throughout the whole sales process.   Sadly things can go wrong and at Calltracks we have some vital tools that will make a big difference for your customers, and your business.

Operations Features

–        See and hear what happens when the phone rings in your business.  

          Only 1:4 calls are answered adequately, do you know what happens to the rest?

–        Instantly put your operators on the same page as customers.

–        Real-time prompts to help operators to achieve the most profitable outcome.

–        Instantly give operators search history to improve conversion.

–        Identify and revive the lost and fumbled sales leads before it’s too late.

          You need to get back to them in a few minutes.   Only 15% of callers will call back.

–        Track the inbound and outbound calls through to sale.

–        Record calls and identify problems or training needs.

–        Provide reporting, reminders, and alerts tailored to your team.

–        Integrate with CRM and other management systems.

         Open API for simpler integration.