Case Study: Freshtracks



Fresh Tracks specialise in holidays to Canada with a customer base located in the US and Australia. Their team of travel advisers help their clients plan a customised holiday, offering advice and guidance on everything from hotels, to transport, trips and more.

Prior to using Calltracks they knew that they were getting a significant amount of  phone calls, but they didn’t know how the calls  were being handled, what their conversion rates were, or how they could improve their internal structure to increase conversions. Fresh Tracks also didn’t know what keywords and digital channels were the main driver of these calls.


To help maximise their marketing activities, and increase their profitability, Fresh Tracks realised that they needed to understand their telephone process from end-to-end, so they asked Calltracks to introduce call recording. Fresh Tracks also introduced Visitor Level call tracking and Sales Linking to help analyse what digital channels were proving effective, and enable them to see what web pages and elements were performing well and helping deliver a greater level of return.


Almost immediately Fresh Tracks discovered that they had a very healthy level of inbound calls, but a significant number of callers were hanging up after 15 seconds.

Now being able to analyse these calls in greater detail, Fresh Tracks found callers were getting through to their answer phone instead of a travel advisor. By listening to the recording Fresh Tracks also found that callers were unwilling to leave voice messages or request a call back – and would simply hang up.

Freshtracks were also able to understand important search terms and keywords that generated phone calls as well alongside the higher converting pages on their website. By utilising Calltracks in conjunction with A/B testing, Fresh Tracks were able to improve page copy and site layout to further increase their conversion rate.

Focusing purely on the callers who were hanging up Fresh Tracks were able to immediately improve sales by 15% in the first month alone. By identifying which search terms and queries were generating their higher value sales, Fresh Tracks were also able to implement a more aggressive bidding strategy, as they could clearly see the direct results in sales, revenue and profit.


I have been very happy with Calltracks. We are a business that receives calls from a number of markets and Calltracks was one of the few companies that could help us track them. I have found the company to be very professional and responsive to our needs. They definitely went the extra mile to help us get set up.

John Parker, Owner