Case Study – Renault Retail Group

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A group of 43 dealerships spanning Renault, Nissan and Dacia owned by the manufacturer and with their group HQ in France. Many marketing initiatives such as the website had traditionally been controlled centrally.

Call Tracking at Renault

Calltracks have worked with Renault for many years. When Ashley joined Renault 3 years ago they were only using a fraction of the Calltracks capabilities – maybe 5%. Calltracks systems are far more advanced than Renault were able to cope with. The IT infrastructure at Renault was not suitable and the Calltracks team jumped through hoops to structure campaigns in a different way. The internal systems challenges were immense.

The Results

We never knew where calls were coming from and now have full visibility. Decisions were made in the past based upon subjective views and are now based upon the data. Calltracks has changed things massively. We now track traffic by channel which is mind-blowing. It’s opened a whole new world. Complete and accurate reporting has changed our way of thinking.

Calltracks are really efficient. Other companies normally operate a ‘pay and get’ process, delivering a product out of the box. Calltracks are just very very flexible which has meant they worked around our internal systems in just 48 hours.

A tangible change is that we were driven by opinion and now its fact. Budgets have now been re-allocated at a keyword level driving traffic and conversion. We are delivery more sales opportunities for the business to convert and our lead volume is the highest ever. All this is down to knowledge and the right strategy based on Calltracks data.

Calltracks becomes even more vital as the market changes and we have mechanisms in place to listen to calls and follow-up and regain lost opportunities thanks to Calltracks. It’s not just marketing but customer service use Calltracks to provide better service.

We have some exciting new changes coming thanks to Calltracks. We drive our suppliers really hard and really value what Calltracks do for us. I have worked with them for 3 years and their value gets stronger and stronger. I would recommend Calltracks every day or the week.

Ashley wade Renault

Ashley Wade
Digital Marketing Manager
Renault Retail Group