Case Study – Richmond Motor Group

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Richmond have been selling new and used cars in the South East for over 20 years. Currently representing Hyundai cars Citroen and DS cars and vans in 4 franchise sites. It’s a family run business with tremendous drive and ambition to succeed.

Call Tracking at Richmond

The Richmond team had been working with another tracking supplier but wanted a much more detailed and granular analysis to aid decision making. Calltracks came on board about 4 months ago and immediately saw the value of the new ‘Rapid Response’ alerts. Richmond became one of the first users of the alerts and worked with Calltracks to evolve the product features.

The Results

The Alerts were an immediate success. When we were first told about the alerts we saw a lot of value in them. The first alert resulted in a purchase we otherwise would have missed. It gives us a second chance at things and an opportunity to identify where we could have done better and rectify things. I work closely with the Sales Directors and the MD. Our whole team have access and Calltracks is really easy to use. It has given us much more insight into our customer behaviour and we have changed some of our processes as a result. It’s absolutely priceless. We have seen a rise in conversion rate and we were clearly fumbling some enquiries before. It is also a great training tool. We have not used it for a witch hunt but to identify good things that were happening and repeat them everywhere.

The auto-tagging really does all the hard work. It saves a lot of sifting and identifies the in-market customers. I am really happy with the system and get the data I need – and not get overloaded. It’s so easy to access just the correct data for the whole business.

Calltracks have really helped us both in credibility with the customer and as a great training tool. Call volumes are up and we have seen a rise in conversion rate. Calltracks has helped identify and solve a lot of issues. It’s absolutely priceless.

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Thomas Cullen
Marketing Manager
Richmond Motor Group