Case Study: T W White and Sons



T W White & Sons are a multi-franchise car dealer group representing 4 franchises across 6 locations in the South-East of England.

Prior to using Calltracks they were investing thousands of pounds each month in search engine marketing, both Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), without knowing their return on investment. With their previous call tracking provider they could only see phone calls generated from their website as a whole – and not the source, medium or keyword that drove the call.

Without detailed phone call conversion data, T W White & Sons were only able to optimise their digital marketing for form-fills, which meant they were unable to understand the full picture and the true return they were getting.


With the help of Keyword Call Tracking from Calltracks, T W White & Sons were able to start measuring which campaigns and keywords were generating calls from their website.

More importantly because the phone calls are linked to a specific visitor ID that Google assign, which gives deeper insights than just the keyword, T W White & Sons have been able to integrate their phone call conversions into Google Analytics, to give greater insight into their traditional reports.

As T W White & Sons also opted for Sales Linking, Calltracks were able to help them understand the quality of their phone calls, including new vs returning customers, and which ones ultimately drove sales.



Over their initial 6 month period focusing on PPC, T W White & sons were able to optimise their keywords, ad text and landing pages based on insights provided by Calltracks, aggregated in Google Analytics.

Throughout this period T W White & Sons were able to improve both the number of paid search visitors coming to their website and their conversion rate, with the latter going from under  1% to over 4%.

During the July to December period T W White & Sons ended up investing 26% of their spend in December alone, but this was based on 5 months worth of analysis and optimisation, and so December produced 52% of the total profit from PPC!

All this was possible thanks to Calltracks allowing T W White & Sons to see the full picture and optimise for revenue & sales – not just for conversions.


As more and more of our spend goes into digital channels we need to know which areas are worth putting more budget behind, and which areas are worth cutting. Calltracks was instrumental in helping us achieve this objective.

Amy Paterson, Senior Marketing Executive