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Integrate Phone Calls into Google Analytics

Google Analytics Call Tracking Integration

Google Analytics call tracking integration allows you to see which web visitors convert over the phone.

Now when customers call from your website you will be able to see phone conversions alongside your other web based metrics. For example, you can run acquisition and visitor behaviour reports to see what channels, keywords and pages of your website lead your customers to pick up the phone.

Understand the full visitor journey, not just the converting keyword

Visitor Level Call TrackingIt is also possible to set-up phone calls as a ‘goal’, and as the call data is tied to the specific analytics ID of the visitor, you can run advanced segments, custom reports and multi-channel funnels to get an even better understanding of your web traffic.

By tracking right down to visitor level you can go deeper than analysing the keyword that generated the phone call. For example you can see visitor history to understand how search queries get refined throughout the sales process and the role different channels play in assisting conversions.

Track different locations, departments & landing pages separately

Google Analytics Call Tracking

If you are displaying more than one number, for example showing a different number for new versus existing customers, these can be tracked and reported on separately or together, whichever you prefer.

Additional call related data can also be fed into your reports, including details such as:

    • Ring Duration
    • Call duration
    • Call status (answered / missed etc)

Change your remarking strategy

If you are currently running any remarketing campaigns for visitors who have ‘abandoned’ your website, but not running Visitor Level Call tracking, you may be targeting people who have already engaged with you over the phone.  With Google Analytics call tracking integration you can now exclude these adverts and campaigns from these visitors.

Google Remarketing with call tracking

Now you can use your budget more effectively to target visitors who truly haven’t converted on your website

  • How it Works

    Calltracks will pick up the Google Analytics Visitor ID for each visitor to your website. Then if a phone call is made it can be tied back to this Visitor ID. For standard Google Analytics integration, this is done by Calltracks firing a virtual page view.

    Additional information that Calltracks capture can also be attached to this page view such as the phone number identifier, call duration, or any other data as long as it is not personally identifiable.

  • Google Analytics vs Universal Analytics

    There are two types of Google Analytics integration Calltracks can support. Option one, discussed in this section, is for customers running standard Google Analytics (GA). If you are running Universal Analytics there is an alternative option discussed in the Universal Analytics Call Tracking Integration section.

    For customers running both scripts simultaneously it is also possible to have phone calls feed into both profiles.