Call Tracking for the Motor Industry


NEW Rapid Response

Resurrect those fumbled and lost leads!

Lead Tracking

Which media get the phones ringing?

Enquiry Management

Manage the enquiry to sale process.

Turbo charge

Your sales leads and conversions

Do you know which channels make your phones ring?

You could easily be spending too much money on the wrong traffic.

The Problem?

You need to know where your customers come from and what generates your best leads.

Calltracks will provide you with these tools, offering:

  • Digital marketing insights to maximise ROI.
  • Specific attribution insights.
  • Breakdown enquiries at a campaign level.
  • Clear visibility of your best sales channel or lead channel.
  • Track customer visits and understand their unique journey.
  • Make it simple, flexible and open to all departments.

The Calltracks tracking and reporting system has been developed over 10 years, working with the biggest, most innovative and demanding dealer groups in the country. Our system helps your teams find the answers they need in order to grow the business. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach but a powerful platform that is tailored to your specific needs.

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What happens when the phones ring in your business?

The Problem?

Calls come into your dealership at one of these many stages. Sadly, not all calls are good calls.

What Calltracks Automotive does:

  • Identifies mishandled calls
  • Tracks every visitor and caller
  • Aligns browsing information with call information
  • Gives sales executives the information they need to make the call confidently
  • Provides management reporting
  • Links to call recordings.

And there are also those hard to find calls that are tracked in the system, where you want to deal with them quickly before your boss starts asking awkward questions.

Over 50% of sales enquiries go astray, and half of those that are answered are not dealt with effectively.
It’s costing dealerships lots of money and is going un-managed at the moment.
With Calltracks Automotive you will turbo-charge your call efficiency.

The ‘bad’ calls include these four situations where:

  • The call goes unanswered..
  • A message is not given to the sales team.
  • The call is badly handled (‘its sold’) and opportunities are lost.
  • No insight at dealer level when an appointment is made centrally and the dealer has no insight or simple background on the customer history.

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